Recommended Finger Food Portion Size

The question of party food quantities to prepare for your guests is as old as hospitality itself. Party food planning is only a little tricky, though. Toggle the more-or-less of it between the linebackers and the little dainties, the snacks and the buffets. For an estimated of 3 hours of an event (for every extra hours it is recommended to add 30% of food):-
8-10 pieces per guest will suit a morning/afternoon tea
12 pieces per guest will suit a light meal
14 pieces per guest is ample to replace a meal – dinner or lunch.
18 pieces per guest is able to replace a meal – dinner or lunch – large eaters
We are happy to customize any package to suit your requirements !

Ala-Carte (Pick-N-Choose)
Example: If you have 10 guest for morning/afternoon tea, you will need to have about 80 – 100 pcs of finger food, a little less if the party is to be followed by a meal.

Promotion Packages
(we will provide you with 15% – 30%extra of the total amount of pax/head order)Example: If you have 50 guest for morning/afternoon tea and you choose a promo package which consist of 5 items of finger food, we will provide you a total of 300 pcs (250 pcs + 20%) = 6 pcs per person. But base on our Recommended Portion Size Guideline, for 50 guest it is recommended to serve a total of 400 – 500 pcs (8-10 pieces  per person) , therefore it is advisable that you top up the food with extra items from our Pick-N-Choose menu. However, if you are satisfied with the propose allocation of 6 pcs per person, you can just stick to the current deal. 



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